Notes about Colombia

These notes may well be scratchy. Coming so quickly after our Chilean experience you might expect that I would remember how to do this, but I can’t.  So simplicity will have to be the order of the day. Another cycling venture, just a little less than two weeks of riding with some acclimatisation at the start and recuperation at the end. It’s traditional for anyone doing a physical challenge to feign injury and lack of preparation, so here goes . We feel very ill-prepaed with no real riding since mid November, then a tiring time in Chile followed by rubbish weather in the UK.

But mustn’t grumble too much. Looking forward to spectacular scenery and discovering something about a country of which I know almost nothing. There are quite a few ‘significant’ hills I’m sure. Looking at the map I’m pretty sure that when you see all of those flat areas heading towards Brazil and Peru,  that is where we are not riding. Instead I believe we have the delights of the ribbon of hilly stuff heading from Ecuador to Venezuela. I’m certain my legs and lungs will let me know soon enough.

Flying out Thursday so Bogota here we come.


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