Thursday February 8th

Leaving Anserma is uphill as might be expected but slowly becomes a ride along the ridge of the mountains. Today’s entry will be short, partly because it’s hard to be superlative about the scenery once again. A bit chilly at times but never for long – we still do 108 km and 1223 metres of climb before getting to  La Pintada. 

Descents still need to be handled with care, the usual hazards never disappear but this is another long beauty before crossing the river and tracking it along an undulating road. Riding is beautiful, the lunch is overlooking a deep canyon and the only interruptions are a series roadworks before climbing out of La Pintada to a hill side hotel with the obligatory mountain views.

Columbians seem to love many things. One is brilliant colours – the louder the statement the better. Houses for example:

And loud music, but I can’t show you that. Sometimes riding along a quiet road a solitary house will be blasting out a Latin salsa beat as if it was a party – a real boost to the flagging legs.


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